The 5 Dumbest Things to Do to Your Roof

Common Roofing Mistakes

The roof is a critical part of any home. It keeps indoor conditions safe and comfortable. Because it has to withstand the elements, it deteriorates over time. You may think it’s just the weather that damages your roof, but people do some dumb things that damage their roof as well. Here are five common roofing mistakes people commit that creates issues.

1. Not Keeping Gutters Clear of Debris

Branches, leaves, dirt, and other debris can all end up on your roof due to wind and rain. This debris may look harmless, but it is going to end up in your gutters. Failing to regularly clean out gutters will result in clogs. Then your gutters won’t be able to direct water away from your home and will be funneled back under the eaves or roof. This results in damage to walls, wood, and even the foundation. Even in a dry climate rot, mold, and fungi growth can occur from this water buildup.

2. Cleaning the Roof with a Pressure Washer

With all that dirt collecting on your roof you might want to do a thorough cleaning. A pressure washer may seem like the perfect tool to get the job done. Busting out a washer though is a big roofing mistake, as it can actually do more harm than good. The pressure from these washers can erode your roof, removing any specialty coatings and important asphalt granules found in shingles that prevents leaks. While a single washing might not cause a problem, over time it can utterly destroy your roof.

3. Pulling on Shingles to Identify Issues

If you see signs of water or sunlight leaking into your home, it is tempting to climb onto your roof to identify the source of issues. You might do this to save on inspection costs or fix minor issues yourself, but pulling on shingles is a serious roofing mistake that can cause more damage. Not only does this exaggerate leaks, but by loosening shingles you could create new leaks too.

4. Installing Solar Panels

Adding solar panels to your roof can seem like a great idea to improve efficiency, especially when living in sunny, warmer climates. But, solar panels add a significant weight that your home may not be structurally sound enough to support. Improperly installed panels can also damage shingles and break wood decking, leading to major droops. Double check that your roof can support the weight of the new panels and reinforce your structure before installing!

5. Having a DIY Approach

There is a significant rise in people wanting to take on do-it-yourself projects. When roof issues appear you might want to handle them yourself. In many cases inexperienced handymen create even more roofing mistakes. Working on a roof requires a lot of stamina and knowledge, and it can ultimately be very dangerous.

Working with Professionals

Whether the problem is replacing broken tiles or repairing a leak, it is better (and ultimately cheaper) to fix your roof by bringing in a professional. Getting in touch with experts at Custom Home Remodeling & Roofing can save you money and headache that might appear by trying to tackle any issue yourself. You can even contact us for a free roof inspection today!